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After my stroke 2 years ago I was given 3 months treatment in a specialist Stroke Unit and then I came home in a wheelchair. The doctors told me that I had "reached my full potential". I'm glad I didn't believe them. Thanks to the skill and encouragement of Joint Action I have continued to make progress. I walk with a stick and climb stairs and I still run my business.

R.P. Horndean

Joint Action fits easily into my lifestyle and helps me with many of the problems associated with Multiple Sclerosis. Without my weekly Joint Action session muscle spasms become unmanageable and strength and suppleness evaporate. The exercises can be very gentle when I am not feeling 100% or more intense at other times. Treatment helps with fatigue, muscle locking, bowel problems, weakness, stiffness and other body malfunctions. Joint Action gets a big thumbs up from me!

N.S. Petersfield

Oliver, our youngest son, aged 11, suffered brain injuries at birth. 8 years ago we were fortunate to be introduced to Priscilla from Joint Action. She has been unstinting in her weekly visits over this time. Her knowledge and specialist skills are VAST. Priscilla will engage with Oliver from the minute she arrives. She stretches, strengthens and encourages him to make the most of his limited ability to move (so much so that at he is always 4" taller at the end of her session!). Her understanding and communication are great - she gives sound advice and all the support you could wish for and is a great tutor to wider family and our team of carers. Her advice also extends to other associated areas, e.g. moving and handling, backache, mobility aids etc. Priscilla never fails to be upbeat, she has a great sense of humour and her energy is boundless. It is delightful when she visits and a joy to watch her work with our much loved Oliver. A worthy addition to anyone's therapy team.

S.F. Billingshurst

After my hip replacement operation I contacted Joint Action and a physio came to my house once a week. She was very patient and encouraging and I soon got rid of my crutches and learned to walk with 2 sticks then 1 stick. Now no sticks at all. Fantastic, no fuss physio! Highly recommended.

S.T. Petersfield

Thank heavens for Joint Action. Thanks to her enthusiasm and hands on approach I have learned to walk again after a severe stroke which left me partially paralysed. Her encouragement has spurred me on to achieve what everyone thought was impossible.

A.C. Liss

Joint Action has been a huge support to me in helping me live with Parkinson's disease. Drugs help but I also regularly practise the movements and breathing exercises that Priscilla has taught me over the past 5 years. Every time she comes she listens to me going on about the bits that aren't working and why I'm losing my balance for example. We work things out together and then she gives me my homework. Thank you Joint Action.

W.S. Waterlooville



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